Software Features


View a map showing all the assets you have entered, as well as options to show all assets or sort the assets by type. You can also highlight an asset and view/edit details, view all work orders for the asset, and generate reports for the asset.


View all of the scheduled work orders and maintenance that have been assigned to you on your calendar.


Generate printable reports for work orders, labor reports, inspections, and maintenance. Old reports are saved so that they may be referenced for later.



Make records of all your observations, measurements, and other conditions about an asset you have entered into the system. 


Generate work orders or schedule maintenance required of any of your assets. Easily search past work orders by date, asset, or user. Maintain a list of problems or issues with any asset. You can then assign these problems to any other user, which will notify them of their assignment and add it to their calendar. That user can then update their progress and add notes to the problem, which will then be saved and updated for other users to see.


Automatically synchronize your data with the data collected by any other user in your account. All information stored in PointCentric can be synched with our Azure Cloud Database. This way, all of your users will always stay up to date with the latest entered information.

Keep Digital Records and Assets


Keep digital records of all the important information for all your assets, with the ability to capture the GPS location with Bluetooth enabled sub-meter GPS units.



Lift Stations
Main Control Cabinets
Sewer Mains
Sewer Manholes


Pump Stations
Water Mains
Water Towers
Water Valves


Catch Basins
Discharge Basins
Retention Basins
Storm Mains
Storm Manholes

Custom Assets

Add Custom Assets with as many user-defined fields as you need. You can also define an unlimited number of custom fields for any of the pre-defined assets. 


Who We Are


We are an experienced team dedicated to making asset management simple, convenient, and cost effective. Our mission is to provide our customers with the tools necessary to record and manage assets, work orders, and reports. We offer our customers peace of mind by safely and securely storing their data in a fully encrypted and redundant cloud based server database using state-of-the-art technologies.